BalkanROAD will deliver ready-to-use outputs that will be developed through transnational cooperation between the consortium, the target stakeholders and audience. In specific:

  • A common Balkan Protocol, namely “Balkan protocol for sustainable farms and production of labeled products with low environmental footprint” with practices, methodologies, technologies, procedures and instructions for reducing and recording waste/water/carbon footprint of the Balkan agricultural products that may lead to farms certification. The protocol will be in line with the EU and national legislation, the new CAP and the 2050 targets for GHGs reduction.
  • A web-based application tool, namely ROADTool, to assist protocol integration into farms production lines and procedures. Farms will be provided with a powerful, robust, flexible to be adjusted in any farm type, and fully automated tool that allows monitoring, measurement and calculation of water-, waste and carbon footprint in all steps of the production line (from field to the market).
  • A ready-to-implement “Roadmap for sustainable Balkan farms” and governmental instruments in terms of reduction of waste/water/carbon footprint of the Balkan agricultural sector that will enhance development and implementation of local/regional plans. A wide dialogue scheme is foreseen for the development of the Roadmap with the active involvement of the target stakeholders.
  • Strategies and tools for Roadmap implementation at the Balkan Peninsula. This will be a detailed report, developed through transnational dialogue and considering the unique features, strengths and weaknesses of all participating countries.
  • Several studies to assess outputs’ technical and economical viability (GAP analysis, LCA, SWOT, CBA).
  • Educational material for academia and training organizations (focused also on young farmers, women and people with disabilities).
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