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2nd Stakeholders Meeting

2nd Inter-Balkan Dialogue Meeting in Thessaloniki on 29 October 2019.
The INTERREG BalkanROAD project organizes a meeting between the project partners and representatives of the Regional and Local Authorities as well as, representatives of agribusinesses from the Balkan countries and Cyprus.
The Meeting has the following goals:
1. Presentation of good practices proposals, as derived by project’s actions.
2. Prioritization of the proposals according the particularities and importance level for each country by the national representatives
3. Definition of common plans and actions for the development of the Balkan agricultural sector.
4. Discussion on the development of regional funding instruments for the period 2021-2027 that could support agribusinesses to adopt the proposed practices.

In addition to the participants, as designated by the countries involved in the project, other stakeholders from Regions, Municipalities, Agricultural Cooperatives, Agribusinesses can also participate.
Express interest in joining the Inter-Balkan Dialogue using the website’s contact form.

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