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Cyprus Workshop 2019

The research team of the Chemical Engineering and Engineering Sustainability Laboratory of the Open University of Cyprus headed by Dr. Antonis Zorpas organized a workshop within the framework of the project “BalkanROAD”. The workshop took place on 4 April 2019 at the Central Administration Building of the Open University of Cyprus and was addressed to agribusinesses, scientists, students, local authorities and policy makers. During the workshop the aims, expected outputs and results of the project so far were presented. For the needs of the workshop, a specialized scientist was invited to talk regarding sustainable management in agribusinesses. The presentation of Dr. Chroni was entitled “Integrated Management of Agricultural Waste in the context of the Cyclical Economy “. At the end of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to highlight issues that concern agribusinesses in Cyprus and elsewhere, as well as propose solutions for environmental problems linked to the agricultural sector.
Students, scientists, environmental organizations and agribusinesses participated in the workshop, which was also broadcasted on the OUC platform giving the opportunity to more students to watch it and interact with the panel. Some of the issues discussed were: food waste during farm production, storage or processing, use of fertilizers for preventive reasons without being necessary, fertilizers packaging and plastic used for tunnels that are not recycled, energy waste during the processing of agri-products.

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